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Ceremonial CACAO


Cacao is a plant native to Central & Southern America which has a chocolate tasting bean. This specific chocolate is not your Lindt, Kinder or Snickers that are full of processed cacao stripped from all its goodness, it is WHOLE chocolate. Straight from the BEAN into your cup!


What is Ceremonial Cacao?

High quality cacao that has not been processed or separated from its oils. It is harvested, fermented, roasted, it's beans are peeled & grinded into the paste known as Ceremonial Cacao.

Where is Ceremonial Cacao grown?

Ceremonial Cacao grows in 20 degree range from the equator, in America, Indonesia, Africa, Polynesia.

What is the history of Ceremonial Cacao?

Dating back in history 5000 years ceremonial 'kakawa' (cacao) has been used by the ancient civilizations such as the Aztec, Maya, Olmec & Toltec in rituals, celebrations and rites of passage; marriage, birth & death. Beans were used as currency and drinking cacao was a sign of royalty.

What are the health benefits of ceremonial cacao?

Cacao is a well know superfood rich in minerals such as:

  • potassium,

  • phosphorus

  • copper

  • iron

  • zinc

  • magnesium which supports the homeostasis of the body, contributes to heart & bone health, relieves symptoms of constipation, PMS and anxiety.

Containing neurochemicals which support positive brain-chemistry such as the 'love chemical' (Phenylethylamine) similar to dopamine and the 'bliss molecule' (Anandamide), cacao helps us to have a more positive outlook on life, sooth depression and emotional stress.


PEA increased our attentiveness & elevates our mood while slowing down the rate at which our body ages. Low PEA levels have been found in people suffering from ADHD, PTSD and some types of depression. 

Anandamide, usually produced in our bodies after strenuous exercise leaving us with a 'runners high' produced by the release of endorphins, 'feel-good' chemicals, is a natural pleasure molecule.

Cacao contains a gentle cardiovascular stimulant called Theobromine, almost exclusively found in cacao. 


  • boosts mood & energy for an extended period of time

  • contributes to mental clarity & focus in task completion

  • relaxes smooth muscles

  • does not have a 'crash' effect like caffeine.

Very rich in Antioxidants cacao slows down the damage to cells by free radicals, supports cardiovascular and cognitive health, improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

And much more...


Ceremonial cacao has helped me at a time I faced the biggest fear of my life. She helped me love myself more & move away from self-harming habits. I am more happy with myself & my life now.


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