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Do I really feel this way or is it the Past speaking through me?

I see a lot of people, including myself sometimes, fail to distinguish between reaction that represent residue from the past and those of the present situation. For example, feeling unseen by your partner for everything you do, feeling sad, frustrated, maybe even shutting down… because it’s panful to put in a lot of work and love and for it to always be ‘not enough’ for example.


What happened there?

A subconscious defensive lash out with a cry to be seen for my efforts.



I grew up with a very loving dad who always put a lot of pressure on me to excel, to be a hard worker, to be the best at what I did. Whether it was school, horse riding, painting, dance…  This made me learn to push my boundaries beyond what I thought was possible and got me strong in my mind and body & it also had a shadow impact…



Because whenever I achieved my goal I was asked “so when are you doing the next level?” without a real celebration of my accomplishment. No time and space of pure joy of how far I came…


It made me feel I always have to go after more.. to always achieve more.. to finally get that well deserve pride and a warm well done my dad would sometimes just forget to give.


I don’t blame him and currently I have a very healthy and loving relationship with him. But this wound of having to always be more stayed somewhere deep in my subconscious mind opening in my relationship with my husband.


Somedays manifesting as a bladder infection when I can’t express what I feel, or rarely a painful period.. Other days as exhaustion. On others as extreme procrastination I sometimes cant do much about but experience.




Because this wound is looking for a chance to be healed. To be brought back into balance and interconnectedness with myself so that I can be free from the perception of ‘whatever I do it is never enough’.


And the intelligence that lives in my cells, breathes my body, pumps my heart is here trying to bring it into balance By trying to expel the excess emotions and weakening the microflora of the bladder, by shutting down the energy to tone done the do-do-do manic approach to my day, by making the mind cloudy so that thoughts can have less of an impact on my cells.

The connection between the brain, hormonal system and immune system has been spoken about by the great psychologist Gabor Mate which endless scientific research to back up the findings of the interconnectedness of the organ systems in our body and our mental and emotional states.


With my clients I love exploring this interconnectedness of their physical health, with the emotional challenges they are facing, bringing a holistic approach to resolving the life struggle from the inside, by dealing with the unfinished emotional cycles from the past that still affect their biology in a space were they are deeply understood, professionally supported an deeply felt by their Mentor.

I am currently offering free holistic health consultations for those wishing to upgrade their life to a healthier level.

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