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3-day transformative Retreat
May 27-29

What this retreat is about?

This retreat is a 3 day progressive journey to get to know yourself better and to transform in every aspect of your life, with the support of a group setting. It offers an approach based on self-compassion, vulnerability, conscious intimacy/relating and deep inner work.

We want give people the taste of trust, authentic expression and the sense of liberation that goes with it. We believe that by working on ourselves we can have a real positive impact in our world. We believe that wisdom comes from experience, and experiences help us to grow when we allow ourselves to explore beyond our standard boundaries.


Our intention is to provide a safe container in order to have a proper transformative experience. We will do this together with other people, in an intimate group setting.

Because the power of an intimate group can inspire us to step further than our usual limits.

We will explore our limiting beliefs, the conditioning that limits the expression of ourselves.


We want you to be more authentic in your intimacy, in your capacity to give and receive, able to connect with others and to establish healthy boundaries.


You are invited to leave behind your comfort zone and take a 3 day journey into exploring the unfamiliar.

These 3 days will be divided into a three parts:

Initiation: we’ll have a group ritual where you will set your own intentions about the journey you are there for. Together we’ll set also the group’s intention for the next days. We enter in a stage where we reconnect with our personal essence and truth. We put the seed (intention) in the soil (our soul).


Gestation/Transformation: we’ll have a series of practices to nourish our intention, to explore different parts of ourselves that need to come out, in a safe environment, feeling supported by the group. We will challenge ourselves and at the connect more and more with each other. Here we will work prepare the ground for our seed to sprout.

Expression and Celebration: We will be ready to express our force and to break through the shell of our fears. You will be invited to step into the empowered version of yourself. Here you will go through group practices that will help you to feel and express your inner fire. At the end of the day we will have a rite of passage to celebrate the end of this cycle path and the start of a new version of yourself.

A truly transformative experience bringing together body, mind and spirit. A collective ceremony to establish greater awareness and well-being.




Angel's Hills, Cyprus Island


Why we created this Retreat?

"It fills my heart and gives me purpose to see people light up and feel better in themselves and in their lives. I dream to see a world of more love and compassion, of healthier people with minds and bodies that help them thrive in this life. I dream of a world where people listen to their hearts and spread love around them. It fulfills me see people re-remember what's truly important in life and in this way contribute to a brighter future for us all. "


" I dream of people liberating from their conditioning and awakening form the slavery of their past.

I dream of a better world with more aware people.

I do this because I want to help people the way I had been helped by others, to grow and evolve. I believe that we can evolve, and we need support for that. We need each other to have a deep impact. We cannot make it alone."


Meet your Facilitators


Anfisa Shimkevich


Ceremonial Cacao Facilitator, Owner of the Holistic Brand Heart-to-Heart Time, Handpan Player and Musician. Anfisa has experience in opening healing spaces of unity with her skills of being a skilled space holder, healer and facilitator.


Manuele Paradiso


"A Mating of Heaven and Earth" couple workshop facilitator in Sweden, Bodyworker and a student of  the Alchemy of Touch. With experience in supporting people in their self development, by merging his intellect, spiritual call and wisdom of sexuality he helps them become aware of the new possibilities available in life.



Deciding to come to the retreat with Anfisa and Manuele was an easy decision. Anfisa is pure love, I trust her energy and her ceremonies. Manuele brought his energy, experience, clear mind and respectful way to Cyprus. So i had an experience i cannot have everyday. I felt comfortable from the first moment. I expressed myself physically, emotionally, spiritually. It helped me release suppressed feelings, anf feel connected with other people. I realise how similar we are in our human nature. I am full of energy.

-Olga Rouvim

I admired the time management of the retreat and how Manuele and Anfisa gave the participants time for themselves to reflect upon the received experiences, connect to nature and the beautiful landscape around, socialize. I also admired the diversity of the program. After the retreat, I feel like a new person!


It was a deep transformational journey for me, learning about myself, who I am, what's my potential, what are my boundaries and fears that stop me from coming to my fullest power. On this retreat I discovered powers in me, I had no idea I had, I discovered to much in me, I had no idea existed. I discovered so many people, their love.. who could see through me. There was no deeper connection than that I could have experienced. It was the most magical experience. I deeply thank Anfisa and Manuele for holding the space and holding us on the journey they took with us, holding the light all the way for us to feel safe and guided.

- Carina

I took part in the retreat with Anfisa and Manuele in the mountains, meditating, breathing, eating veggies, detoxifying. We learned to awaken the inner fire and to tame it. We learned how to generate creative force and how to control it. It opened up new pathways in my mind and body. I was introduced to new experiences, faces, feelings which made me feel uncomfortable but i crossed over feeling safe and held in the process. I experienced new ways of responding to my conditioning, my relationships and the connection to myself. Everything feels at ease and oneness.

- Christos Georgiou

What makes this Retreat Special



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Diverse Approach

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