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 Heart-to-Heart Time 

A unique and creative approach to greater wellbeing!

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Hello,  my name is Anfisa and I am a Holistic Health Practitioner. 

Cacao & Circle Facilitator, Handpan Player, Healer & Coach

What started as my own healing journey to free myself from my biggest fears, anxiety, depression, toxic behaviors &  self-harm now evolved into a Heart-centered brand helping people find ease in life's struggles. Having spent 4+ years researching and implementing the techniques I have learned on myself from a number of health practitioners, coaches, gurus, and teachers of holistic medicine, I now offer my wide range of knowledge and skill to you through my diverse services.


I can help you build a healthier relationship to yourself!

Many people nowadays do not have a very healthy relationship with themselves. We are so focused outside of ourselves that we forget how it is to care for ourselves and our wellbeing. It is one of our biggest struggles as human beings.

Why build a better relationship with yourself?


  • Strengthens your immune system

  • Improves your productivity and performance

  • Improves your relationships in life (personal and work-related)

  • Allows you to have more energy

  • Frees you from pain and tension

  • Balances your food intake 

  • Helps to get over addictions

  • Heightens your mood

  • Balances menstrual cycles in women 

And more...

Try it!

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Have you heard about Ceremonial Cacao?
A chocolate like no other...  

Book a Private Cacao Ceremony 

Experience Cyprus nature with the heart-opening experience of  a cacao ceremony, Handpan Music & Nature Gazing. Treat your partner, family member of friend. Private, Unique and Relaxing. 

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More about anfisa

I am a joyful soul, traveller, intuitive and passionate explorer. I am a Bachelor Graduate of the International Quantum University of Integral Medicine in Natural Health Sciences, a Certified Keiths Cacao practitioner and facilitator, Handpan Musician and Intuitive Healer. I find incredible joy and meaning in inspiring new, fresh life perspectives, helping people self-reflect and self-inquire, expanding beyond their limiting beliefs, fears towards more love and a more fulfilling life. I combine my creativity, intuition, inner-gifts and emotional intelligence into unique self-discovery adventures for you into your inner world, with the journeying sounds of handpan music, heart-opening, grounding wisdom of ceremonial Cacao, hands- on energy-healing and fun visualisation meditations. 

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