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Build unapologetic confidence, better boundaries in relationships and overcome addictive behaviours in just 12 weeks.

Build unapologetic confidence, better boundaries in relationships and overcome addictive behaviours in just 12 weeks.



Hey Courageous Women,

Perhaps you have read Eckart Tolle and countless other spiritual books, tried getting into a new routine only to find yourself missing a day and crumbling , feeling powerless in front of  your negative inner-talk, loosing your confidence and motivation?


Maybe you feel like your emotions control you, you feel sad most of the month often questioning your worth?

Are you opening the fridge, anxiety kicking in, you grab your favourite ice-cream, half an hour later feeling you have overeaten again?


Do you over-work yourself, getting home after a super long day, struggling to go to sleep, smoking a bit of marijuana to give you some peace of mind from your racing thoughts?

Are you tired of diminishing yourself in front of others and people pleasing, constantly finding yourself surrounded by people with whom you cannot be our real self?

Perhaps you have tried therapy and a psychologist or attended countless ceremonies but feel that you are working through the same triggers over and over again?


Maybe you are ready for 2023
to be the year you...

Drop your addictive behaviours (such as overeating, overworking, p*rn, marijuhana, smoking etc.) and find fulfilment in healthier ways

Build strong confidence and finally start to trust yourself and your abilities

Stop people pleasing and choose to form fulfilling connections with people around you


Learn the skills of consistency and discipline to apply in your life to reach any goal you out your mind to

Learn how to support yourself on those hard days instead of punishing yourself for not being well

Finally move past your pain and turn in into your personal power, overcoming your sadness 


Establish a relationship with a plant medicine (such as ceremonial cacao)

Anfisa Private Cacao Session 1-min.jpg

Then you will greatly benefit from the Self-Mastery Mentorship!
Do you also wish to...

Feel strong in your mind and body when you walk into a room of strangers, shining as your true self​?

Have the ability to deal with heavy emotions, like sadness and anger, without punishing yourself?

Have the ability to share your thoughts and beliefs without shaking inside, paralysed by the fear of rejection?

Wake up in the morning before your alarm, energised in your body and happy to face the day?

Silence the inner-critic, feeling more confident in yourself?

Finally stop lashing out on your closest people when in a terrible mood?

Learn how to prioritise yourself, instead of constantly focusing on others so you can finally feel full and not depleted?

Overcome your addictive behaviours (overeating, smoking, p*rn, etc.) and find a healthier way to self-ease?





A 12 week intimate mentorship to help you-build more self confidence, develop better boundaries in your relationships and overcome addictive behaviors

Here is the journey we will go on...

1. Build a foundation

Learn to regulate your nervous system to feel more confident in yourself and create space for the new.

4. Develop Consistency

Experience being kept accountable for your goals to establish continuity in your growth.

2. Practice Daily Ritual

Establish discipline with showing up to yourself on a daily basis.

5. Do your Inner+Outer work

Actively implement new practices and tools to transform emotional patterns.

3. Cultivate Self-Awareness

Learn about the languages of the mind, body and heart and cultivate a new level of self-awareness.

6. Implement Integration

Get support to bring your new knowledge into your day to day life as new behaviors.

What we cover:

Create a nurturing and guiding space for your growth.


Develop CONSISTENCY and DISCIPLINE on our Accountably sessions every week.


Dive into improving your relationship to your physical, emotional and mental body (moon cycle, diet, psychology, emotional management and understanding etc.).


ALCHEMISE past pain into present POWER.


Address SHAME and GUILT around how you are.


Open space for processing of deep emotions.


Expand your self-awareness.


Develop a connection to a plant medicine of your resonance through a plant medicine dieta (ceremonial cacao, rapeh, flower essences, blue lotus, lavender, rose etc.) to build a language of communication with the invisible.


Tap into more wisdom and trust through a deeper understanding and connection to yourself and the natural world.


Continuously re-assess and refine your journey towards self-mastery and personal fulfillment.


CELEBRATE your growth and accomplishments along the way!

Your Mentor

Anfisa Shimkevich

Hello, my name is Anfisa Shimkevich. I am a medicine woman, a mother, and a wife living on an island in the mediterraen, Cyprus.


I have hosted more than 60 circles and held over 150 hours of the sacred space for more than 700 people, I have seen and gathered a lot of experience around leading people through their healing journeys. 


Having completed by BA in Natural Medicine at the Quantum University in Hawaii, and invested a lot of hours into reading on health, spirituality, healing, eastern medicine I have gained a range of knowledge of how the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual come together into a holistic and integrative model of approaching health. 


I have solo  traveled around the world with just a surf board and my handpan meeting challenges as they came, diving more and more into my own journey of self-mastery.

Through my life I have overcame addictive behaviours (such as overeating, smoking of marijuana and the over use of recreational drugs.), went through depression and changed my profession twice.


 I have built a healthy partnership with my husband over the last 5 years and got initiated into motherhood with the birth of my son in 2023. Currently I own a 5 figure business which is my personal brand, doing what I love.

I have closely worked with more than 50 people on guiding them through their life journeys, teaching them about self-love, expanding their self-awareness and keeping discipline. 

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… is NOT for you if you're:



Afraid your life will change

Not ready to COMMIT to yourself

Do not have 1 hour daily to dedicate to you

Not ready to WORK and put in EFFORT

Not ready for Intensity

 is DEFINITELY for you if you're:


Ready to go FULL IN


Ready to TRANSFORM your life and yourself


Ready to DEDICATE and COMMIT yourself to achieving the best


Ready to be radically honest and open


Willing to INVEST in your growth


Ready to OWN your responsibility in your transformation and success

What's included:

12 Mentorship sessions (1.5 hours each)


12 accountability sessions (45 mins each)


Daily support and sharing space via Whatsapp with Anfisa


Ceremonial Cacao 454g Block


Bonus: 1 session with a referenced facilitator*


*(in connection to your choice of plant medicine or practice. Some things to choose from are a Human Design reading, a Shamanic Astrology reading, Flower Essence session, Integration Session or a personal Ceremony)


Payment options:


2222 Euros

Bonus: 1 session with a referenced facilitator (Human Design reading, a Shamanic Astrology reading, Flower Essence session, Brand Strategist)


750 Euros


per month

for 3 months


"I became more aware of my power as a human and I started loving and appreciating myself more. I became more conscious and more aware of what's going on around me.
This mentorship introduced me to a whole new spiritual world and showed me ways to keep up on my bad days and transform them into the next good days. Before the mentorship my mind had all the control, after I was more aligned with mind, heart and body. All of me."

Maria Christou, International Senior Marketing Consultant


Are you ready to start your transformative journey?

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