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A 4-12 week journey of personalised support to solve your life problems


I know sometimes it feels like life is slipping through your fingers and all your efforts just don't being you the results that you wish with all your heart...

You may find yourself immobilised or completely beaten up by your internal dark voice that tell you "You are nothing." "Nobody cares." "You are alone in this."

Feeling like you are on top of the world on some days and a lot of others you are in between figuring it out and crashing down, breaking in the aloneness of your Monday evening when all those thoughts come rushing in..

Perhaps you have tried therapy and a psychologist but feel that emotions rush over you like a tsunami and you loose your control, thinking something is fundamentally wrong with you, feeling helpless sometimes...

Maybe your periods are painful, PMS your worst enemy or maybe your body aches a lot of the days,  some health problems are starting to appear already that you were not ready to face at such a young age..

I believe the pain we feel in our body, the disease we face, the quality of our relationships, the emotions that rush over us, the thoughts that loop in our mind, your beliefs about life and ourselves, our relationships, financial situation, ability to experience sexual pleasure, our soul purpose are all interconnected...



There is a greater intelligence governing our life from the things we see, the people we meet, the situation we get to live through. An intelligence governing our body connecting the billions of cells into One integrated system of communication. An intelligence connecting our emotional and mental to how we feel the days before our period to the pains we feel in our back after a bad argument with a loved one.

I believe our Souls came here on a journey from A, birth, to Z our death and the in-between is the mission, the experience we came here to live and learn from. 

I believe to live this life in the most pleasant and full way our mission is to learn the languages of the different planes of existence, the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Creating with outmost ease, as less stress as possible on our organism to prevent unnecessary damage which in return causes disease and from all this learn to live a happy Life.

This learning is Self-Mastery. 


My expertise is powering women to lead lives of CHOICE instead of auto-piloted habits of their subconscious mind so that they can be in health positively impacting the people and the world around them. 

Self-Mastery is learning to speak the language in the internal and external intelligence using it's guidance to create health and wellbeing in our Life



You will build a strong trust in yourself and your own individuality as a Human being with your own gifts and abilities. You will build a deeper relationship with Life itself.


You will have freedom from compulsive behaviours you feel you have no control over. (e.g overeating, overworking,  smoking etc.)


You will improve your sleep, diet, digestion, menstrual health and strengthen your immune system


You will have freedom from your past traumas and painful experiences, choosing how to react with a sense of control and personal power in the situation


You will befriend your dark side knowing how to manage the self-destructive and self-harming tendencies we all have 


You will learn the language of your emotions and learn how to show up to yourself with care and love. you need but don't know how to give to yourself


You will feel connected to your body understanding it's queues in a whole new light able to take care of your health much more effectively

Nothing is wrong with you. Your anxiety/ fear/ sadness doesn't need to be fixed. It is there for a reason. It is trying to take care of you. 
It is speaking a language you are yet to decode...

Eleni, Thailand

"After asking & searching for help the last few years nobody was able to help me as you did. I feel a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. My procrastination block has lifted. I'm back to a more powerful version of me."

Ena, Germany

"One year ago I wrote in my journal about not wanting to live anymore. You have been helping me learn how to live, how I want to live and how to love living. So much changed. I am so grateful to life!."

Chloe, Cy

“I started setting some boundaries and am feeling much less overwhelmed." 



Personalised support to empower you and teach you to navigate your Life with ease.



Assessing where you currently are in your journey.  Personalising the journey to your needs and desires. Finding clarity about what it is you really want to change in your life and laying out a plan. There is no one-way fits all in Self-Mastery. I take time to have an Opening Ceremony of our working together where we discuss what you want to achieve with this and help you get to the base of what it is you actually want. I also research your Astrology and Human design to work with you in a way that supports you inner nature, gifts and Soul journey.


Reviewing your sleep quality. Reviewing your diet and digestive health, Reviewing your Menstrual & Physical health. Creating a self-care routine and practices. Building healthy habits. Expanding self-awareness. Improving physical health. Before we dive in to any deeper work we make sure you are able to handle any further stressors and intensity any great change in our life brings making sure you are nourished and have processing space for the further work.


Learning to differentiate between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual languages of your system. Understanding your personal needs & learning to meet them. Our system is a complicated system made up of a number of different parts. Here we decode those parts and give you a clearer perspective to understand what goes on in you, expanding your self-awareness and connection to yourself to a whole new level. 


Processing uncompleted emotional cycles from the past. Rewriting past traumatic events. Building healthier perspectives and reaction habits. Improving mental and emotional health. Subconscious runs 95% of our life, hence why just thinking about our problems and findind conscious solutions doesn't always help us int he long run. Here we take 21 days of consistent reprogramming with meditation and building new ways of reacting to create a new base for the subconscious mind.


Rooting new behaviors into daily life. LEarning discipline and consistency. Improving communication. What we learn in our own experience is all great but what good is it if we can't apply it in your daily life?  We take time to integrate your new behaviours into your relationships with people around you,  and learning to react in the new healthy way you have learned,  creating lasting change.


Reviewing your progress. Celebrating your achievements. Laying down a plan for the future. We forget to assess our progress, and here encourage you to do this, bringing up the notes from our first sessions and inquiring about how you perceive the situation now, how you changed, what changed and making sure your desired goals were reached.





4 sessions (1 hour each). 


02. 1:1 SUPPORT

Daily support and sharing space via WhatsApp with Anfisa with advice and support on tougher days between sessions.


11 sessions (1.5 hours each). 



2 sessions (45 minutes each).


03. 1:1 SUPPORT

Daily support and sharing space via WhatsApp with Anfisa with advice and support on tougher days between sessions.



1 x 454g block



(Pay in full only) 1 x bonus session with a referenced facilitator. Some things to choose from are a human design reading, a shamanic astrology reading, flower essence session, integration session, personal ceremony, hypnotherapy, plant-medicines.





Try the Self-Mastery journey for 1 month. Join now for 300 euros.



Join now for 3 x monthly payments of 550 euros.



Join now for 1650 euros.

Your Mentor

Anfisa Shimkevich

Hello, my name is Anfisa Shimkevich. I am a self-mastery mentor  living on an island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus.

My journey of self mastery started from being a little girl whose mum told her that there is a Universe with an intelligence out there we can communicate with. 

MY life them took me on a challenging road of depression, addictions, family separation and a lot of physical injuries.


I've worked with ceremonial cacao and attended 2 years of ceremonies to learn how to process my own pain.


I travelled the world from Hawaii to Japan, Bali, Sri Lanka, US and India discovering myself, learning from healers and building my relationship with Life.

Having completed by BA in Natural Medicine at the Quantum University in Hawaii, and invested a lot of hours into reading on health, spirituality, healing, eastern medicine I have gained a range of knowledge of how the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual come together into a holistic and integrative model of approaching health. 

 I have built a healthy partnership with my husband over the last 5 years and got initiated into motherhood with the birth of my son in 2023. Currently I own a 5 figure business which is my personal brand, doing what I love.

I have hosted more than 60 circles and held over 150 hours of the sacred space for more than 700 people, I have seen and gathered a lot of experience around leading people through their healing journeys. 


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"I became more aware of my power as a human and I started loving and appreciating myself more. I became more conscious and more aware of what's going on around me.
This mentorship introduced me to a whole new spiritual world and showed me ways to keep up on my bad days and transform them into the next good days. Before the mentorship my mind had all the control, after I was more aligned with mind, heart and body. All of me."

Maria Christou, International Senior Marketing Consultant

  • What are the on-track sessions?
    Shorter sessions of 45 minutes where we atttend to your needs on the day
  • How much is the investment?
    300 euros per month if you wish to dip your toe into self mastery or 550 euros per month if you are ready to go all in. You can choose what package suits you best.
  • When are the sessions held?
    At a suitable time for both the facilitator and client. Times are flexible and there is a range of availability on weekdays and weekends to choose from.
  • Are results guaranteed?
    I can’t guarantee your results as the work solely depends on your wish to change and take responsibility for your life.
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    This is for you if you are determined to change and grow into a better version of yourself.
  • What is the refund policy?
    If, within 7 days, you decide the program isn't for you, send us a written request for a refund to
  • Why do you need to apply?
    Anfisa offers the chance to ensure this program is a good fit for you and give you the chance to ask any questions you may have about the mentorship.
  • What is the mentorship?
    It is a 4 or 12 week program of me, Anfisa, walking alongside you in your life with either 1/2 sessions a week, daily whatsapp support where you have a space to share, be heard, understood and supported in your life challenges to become your empowered self.
  • How do the mentorship sessions look?
    The mentorship sessions are held over Zoom and last 1-1,5 hours. Each session is designed to work with where you currently are in your process. Meaning if you need support today, you get support. If you are ready to do deep subconscious work, we do that. Overall we design a program with goals and intentions and make a plan of how we will spend our time together to reach your goals.

Thanks for your message! I'll aim to be in touch within 72 hours.

Are you ready to start your transformative journey?

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