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Beyond what eyes perceive...

Somedays we get stuck in doing... In tackling a task one after another, day by day, in the hope that this hard work and constant action will get us closer to our desire, to our ultimate vision of our life, to our Dream.

What we fail to see is that in this constant doing we a lot of the times loose ourselves, and by that I mean the whisper of our own Heart.

Maybe if we didn't only perceive our road to our dream as linear, and opened our perception to the greater reality, to the invisible from which plants grow, babies are born & ideas form, the intangible yet perceivable space of existence governing all of the known life, we would see that our Dream is in the making even when we rest and take a pause.

If your soul would sing you a song, what would the lyrics be?

Yet we ignore and bypass our own intricate melody to invest all of our trust in the tangible, physical world of action and reaction.

What drives your heart?

What is the tune it keeps on singing in the untamed moments of the day when the wind caresses your face with a light smell of mountain rain and a hint of winter?

What speaks between the last rays of the sun tickling the leaves of tress, shimmering with the last glimpses of gold?

Listen.. Try to hear the tune of Your Heart and with that move towards the action. Otherwise we move forth like a stream without the oceans depth, risking to be sucked dry by the thirst of daily stress and life.

What do you believe in that satisfies some deeper untouched place inside of you?

Take this as a base for your actions and you might see miracles and unexpected synchronicities.

Remember, there is more to life than our eyes can see.

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