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Oh this is a huge challenge..And I believe not only for me.We live in a society where a lot is unconditionally accepted but at the same time a lot is still harshly judged.

First of all, let me be honest, this post is out of my ‘normal’ comfort zone. And it’s on your feed to reach out to you & inspire you to love yourself more🌸

We (all) have beliefs and views of our bodies that disempower us. Little details we aren’t happy with & we try to hide behind makeup, push-up bras and high waisted jeans.. I CERTAINLY DO!


We did...

It makes me sad when I see people talking harshly to themselves, criticizing themselves for how they look, how they “need to loose weight” or get rid of a curve. It breaks my OWN heart when I do this to MYSELF. My mood is down immediately, my chest is heavy and I cannot breathe with ease. Everything seems to be working against me & I am an open wound to all the world 🌍 around me.

Why do this to yourselves?

The last days I’ve been presented with all my unloving beliefs towards myself. It’s frustrating, its hurting, I want to get out of it NOW.. but this time I feel the transformative power of all this mess & am choosing to NOT ‘abandon the ship’.

A hot chocolate, a face mask , a complement to the self at a time.. With a lazy day, a healthy smoothie, a long nap, let’s soften those harsh judgmental edges. Let’s unfollow accounts that make us feel like nothing. Let’s stop bombarding ourselves with self-hate & finally choose SELF-LOVE 💫

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