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I am a Woman!

Being a woman in this world comes with a blessing. And it is our innate ability to tap into our emotions and I mean their full range. With this sensitivity we are able to tap into the unseen, guide ourselves & others with our intuition and create the ease & peace in our families, friendships and relationships.


Now that is when we show up to ourselves. Not when we explode on everything around us without questioning “What is it that I need in this moment?” and supporting yourself with it. Not awaiting for it to come from the outside.


An integrated feminine power (what I personally came to understand) is to flow through the rollercoaster & the chaos with your feet, mind & heart in Love & in Now. Unconditionally accepting & loving yourself for who you are. One curve, one shameful ‘corner’, one stretch-mark at a time. Gently pouring loving & compassionate treatment into those cracks. Healing & filling up with a Power that can transform any Heart on this planet 🌎

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