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A positive, nurturing and magical feminine space to grow in. The World is changing one woman at a time - join the sisterhood! 

Build unapologetic confidence, better boundaries in relationships and overcome addictive behaviours in just 12 weeks.



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Are you...

Finding it difficult to develop genuine friendships with women in your life?

Feeling lonely in your self-development journey?

Lacking confidence in yourself and your physical body?


Getting stuck in a  negative and critical inner dialogue  ?


Feel weak in your woman nature?


Struggle to get out of a looping life story?


Have you...

Tried connecting to a group of women only to be left disappointed by the toxicity and competitiveness?

Attempted to develop A HEALTHY habit only to find yourself unable to stay consistent and throwing it all away on a bad-mood day wishing you never even tried?

Plenty of acquaintances to go out with every Friday  but still feel an empty space in your stomach when you are alone?

Tried "fixing" yourself with regular yoga classes or HIIT workouts but still self-judge and feel insecure in your body?

Gone on countless coffee dates wishing to find like-minded women to connect to only to find yourself disappointed and feeling like there is no one who can truly understand you?


The thing is...

In our modern day world women often meet from a space of competition, viewing each other as threats because of how we were taught in school to compete for the best marks with our best friends and fight over who is the prettiest and will get a boyfriend first. 

The truth is that this competitive approach only eats our energy, creates more stress in our life and truly limits the extent to which we can connect to the women around us as well as ourselves.

This is what we transform in the Women's Circles by meeting in a safe container as equals from heart to heart.

To be able to flourish as a woman in todays society you need:

The support of a heart-warming community of women. You cannot do it all alone. 

To be ready to move from competition to cooperation in your relationships

To meet the power of plant medicines, such as ceremonial cacao, rose, lavender, blue lilly and more

To be ready to feel loved, appreciated and accepted for who you are 

To stop questioning your worth and abilities

To achieve a healthy relationship with yourself and a certain level of self-mastery

To tap into your feminine essence and magic

... Without all this you will only be able to get so far in your life.


... Always a step away from truly connecting with other women & from truly feeling like yourself.





Sisterhood revolutionises modern day women.


Women's Circles facilitate transformation, propel you into greatness & help you reach new heights in your self-development journey. ​

You are here to inspire the people around you and contribute to a better world and the Women's Circles are really here to make that happen.

After attending the Women's Circle you will...

Become more confident in yourself and your capabilities

Assemble tools and knowledge to support yourself in a whole new way and grow further 

Achieve a better relationship with yourself

Begin a relationship with a plant-medicine​ such as ceremonial cacao, rose, lavender, blue lily

Expand your circle of friends and connections

Gain clarity around challenging life themes (finance/ work and purpose/relationships/motherhood/sexual expression etc.)

Reconnect with

your heart

Truly feel like

yourself again

Your Mentor

Anfisa Shimkevich

Hello, my name is Anfisa Shimkevich. I am a medicine woman, a mother, and a wife living on an island in the mediterraen, Cyprus.


I have hosted more than 60 circles and held over 150 hours of the sacred space for more than 700 people, I have seen and gathered a lot of experience around leading people through their healing journeys. 


Having completed by BA in Natural Medicine at the Quantum University in Hawaii, and invested a lot of hours into reading on health, spirituality, healing, eastern medicine I have gained a range of knowledge of how the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual come together into a holistic and integrative model of approaching health. 


I have solo  traveled around the world with just a surf board and my handpan meeting challenges as they came, diving more and more into my own journey of self-mastery.

Through my life I have overcame addictive behaviours (such as overeating, smoking of marijuana and the over use of recreational drugs.), went through depression and changed my profession twice.


 I have built a healthy partnership with my husband over the last 5 years and got initiated into motherhood with the birth of my son in 2023. Currently I own a 5 figure business which is my personal brand, doing what I love.

I have closely worked with more than 50 people on guiding them through their life journeys, teaching them about self-love, expanding their self-awareness and keeping discipline. 

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… is NOT for you if:




You're not ready to respect the space, other women and their journeys

You blame others for your emotional state

You're not ready to be seen for who you truly are


You're not ready to take responsibility for your emotions and triggers

… is DEFINITELY for you if:


You are ready tap into your mysterious feminine magic

You are ready to change your life and yourself


You are ready to be seen and witnessed in the healing power of the circle


You are ready to be radically honest and open


You are willing to INVEST in your growth


You are ready to open and learn from fellow sisters

Book your space

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"The transformation I went through is magnificent! I remember myself not being able to hold another woman's hand in the circle, had deep lack of trust for life, people and myself, couldn't feel and believe in my own intuition. No I feel that not only can I accept support from others but I can also be the support someone needs. I look back at myself and see a huge difference.
The space that Anfisa holds is absolutely real, honest and full of love, no judgement and lots of support."

Victoria Lazareva, Human Design Coach

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