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Uranus’s Great Change✨ “This hit happens every 15 years, signaling a generational shift”

My dears! Here is an astrological report from my favourite astrologer speaking about what the planets are doing at this point in time.

May this bring some clarity, understanding and compassion to the deep process we are moving through.

“Monday August 1, 2022

We are moving through this enormous Uranus/North Node Conjunction, and Mars swipes by, making it truly personal. This hit of Uranus and the North Node happens every 15 years, signaling a generational shift.  The impact of this transit amplifies the energy of what we are moving through this summer (winter down under), but truly, this transit is reflecting the changes in the collective that have been building for the last 15 years, and the next.  This is the peak of generational shifts of magnificent proportions.  But Mars is a personal planet, and his participation in this enormous astrological event is taking the potential for radical and revolutionary pivots to also take place at the personal level for many people at this time.  Take a look at the house ruled by Taurus in your natal chart for some clues to what area of your life is most likely to be expressing drastic change, and sudden new directions.

It is interesting to me that Venus and Mercury, the other two personal planets, have been outrageously active yesterday and today (and tomorrow). This is also why this peak energy is hitting all of us at the individual level so directly.  Yesterday may have brought you directly in touch with some difficult emotional responses, as Venus moved through a Square with Chiron, the Great Healer. Today, Venus touches in with the Nodes of the Moon in a very positive way, and her Sextile with the North Node indicates that whatever we are grappling with at the feeling level, is actually a healing allowing us to take in the radical changes that are happening, pivot a bit, and come out the other end with our hearts more open, ready to receive more love as we go.

Mercury will do his part today by generating the Great Eliminator angle with Neptune, which will allow us to see something we have perhaps not been quite ready to accept, and this transit may add a dose of grace to whatever emotional/thinking pattern you are attempting to be free of.  The fact that the Moon is in Virgo, one of Mercury’s ruling signs, makes this little Mercury transit kind of important, though it is the most subtle energy of the day. In all of this traffic, there may be something you have been unable to shift or change because you have not seen something clearly, or have yet to get to the bottom of, or something to speak up about but the timing has not felt right.  Look for those sorts of opportunities today, and when in doubt, speak your truth, even if it feels risky to do so.

Pay attention to the new decisions or choices you feel moved to make during this passage.  Mars connecting with this humongous gear shift transit (Uranus/NN) will have an impact on every decision each of us makes as Mars moves around the zodiac.  Mars is receiving marching orders to allow us to shift remarkably over the next two years, and this moment is a bit like the gunshot that starts the race into a new future. New directions are being forged right now, and we may be required to fly a bit blind as we try and navigate what we desire for ourselves personally.  We are changing directions, all the while the foundations beneath us feel very unstable. This is a moment requiring radical trust, and if your life is hinting that you may need to jump off a proverbial cliff right now, jump.

The Virgo Moon will move through a pretty long Void making this like a three-act day.  We wake into the Virgo Moon, and the major lunar aspect of the early part of this day is an Opposition to Neptune, a lunar aspect of confusion and uncertainty.  The Void lasts from 3:30 – 9:05pm PDT, a pretty long Void lasting almost 9 hours.That period of time is not conducive to allowing important connections to be made or to be productive in an active way, but best used for rest, planning, restoration, list making, organization, you get the picture.  At 9:05pm PDT, the Moon will move into Libra, putting relationships front and center, and potentially offering a bit more balance and harmony.  That said, the personal planets will continue to be a bit agitated into and through tomorrow, so the squirrely feeling you may be moving through is likely to last a few more days.”

With love,


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